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Pre-purchase Examinations for Horses

Pre-purchase Examinations for Horses

Donnington Place Equine Vets appreciates the importance of ensuring the suitability of a horse for the requirements of each specific owner. We are very experienced in the process of pre-purchase examinations for Horses, covering Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire from our base in Stokenchurch, near High Wycombe. All pre-purchase vettings follow British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) guidelines for both five stage and two stage pre-purchase vettings.

"The aim of a pre purchase exam is to carry out a thorough clinical examination on behalf of a potential purchaser to identify and assess factors of a veterinary nature that could prejudice the horses's suitability for it's intended use."

It provides an assessment of the horse on the day of the examination and is NOT a guarantee of a horse's suitability for it's intended use.

Stage 1: Preliminary Examination

A thorough external clinical examination of the horse at rest to detect any apparent signs of any injury, disease or physical abnormality.

NOTE: It DOES NOT include an examination of the inside of the prepuce (sheath), a detailed mouth examination, a height measurement or any examination for pregnancy.

Stage 2: Walk & Trot in Hand

The animal is assessed in walk and trot in a straight line on a firm surface. It is then turned sharply in a tight circle in both directions and also backed up. Flexions tests of all four limbs are performed and the horse is then lunge both on a firm and soft surface.

A two stage vetting is completed at this point.

Stage 3: Exercise Phase

The horse is exercised, usually ridden, to allow assessment of the heart and lungs and also to assess the horse's gait in walk, trot, canter +/- gallop.

Stage 4: Rest & Pre-Examination

The horse is observed resting and the heart and lungs monitored through recovery.

Stage 5: Second Trot Up

The horse is trotted up in hand again to look for any strains or injuries made evident by the exercise and rest stages. Lungeing and flexions may be repeated at this point.

It is practice policy for Donnington Place Equine Vets to take a blood sample from the horse in all pre purchase examinations. The blood is stored for 6 months for possible future analysis in cases where it is suspected that the horse may have been given a drug at the time of the examination that may have masked any clinical or behavioural factors.

Areas We Cover

Donnington Place Equine Vets offer 5 stage and 2 stage pre-purchase examinations covering Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire and London.

Our Service

With over 20 years experience, Donnington Place Equine Vets Vets take pride in providing pre-purchase examinations of the highest standard. After an initial telephone conversation with one of our receptionists, an experienced equine vet will return your call to clarify your pre-purchase examination requirements. A verbal report is given with an opinion at the time of the vetting which is followed up with a full written report.

Our Specialist Services

Digital radiography (X-Ray), ultrasonography and endoscopy procedures can be performed stable side.

Our Facilities

Horses can be examined at purpose built facilities if required.

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